Radiate Storefront™

Create. Claim. Promote. Empower your business to reach a hyper-local audience. National and regional businesses alike enhance their local reach through Radiate Media's Storefront solution.

Storefront is a micro-website customized to a specific city or region that complements a brand’s global website. National and regional brands build Storefronts for the cities in which they operate to better engage local consumers through localized content, targeted social media and geo-focused promotions. All Storefronts are linked to Radiate Marketplace's network of local media sites, making them more relevant in local organic searches on Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Each Storefront can be customized and managed by a business owner or corporate marketing team to ensure corporate branding remains consistent. Storefront templates are easy to edit and update, providing the flexibility to create a truly local feel. Each Storefront includes an SEO analytics engine to optimize keyword use and search engine placement.

Radiate’s network of media sites provides relevant site linking not available through typical SEO channels. Our technology is tuned to the constantly changing search engine algorithms in order to ensure each Storefront the best local organic search placement possible. Your individual locations can leverage our vast network of online media publications and business directories for improved SEO both online and on mobile devices. Our social media platform allows local franchisees and managers to interact directly with their customers through popular social networks, all within your national brand’s rules of engagement. And you can easily manage and monitor each location’s individual Storefront through a simple dashboard to measure performance and reach.